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Free Advertisements

Automotobook provides a free advertisement service for users who own a company, related to cars or bikes.


We provide you with a single page (automotobook.com/your_company_name) with a standard layout. A small banner is also added to the right column of the site, that links to this page. The banners are shown randomly.


New feature:

Users can subscribe to your page and you can announce any news you have about your company. Your announcements will be shown to this page and an email containing the announcement will be sent to the subscribers.


All you have to do is send us an email to advertise@automotobook.com, with the following data:

  • Your Automotobook Username
  • Company Name
  • A company description
  • A short company description to be displayed on the banner (maximum 10 words)
  • Your Company's data (address, phone - fax number, official URL, email etc.)
  • A logo image (max size 400x400)
  • Up to 25 images of your company or products (max size 800x600)
  • Up to 4 Youtube links of your company or products.
Terms and Conditions
  1. You must have an active Automotobook account to use this service.
  2. You must be the owner or the legal representative of the company or you must have an authorisation from the owner or the legal representative of the company to activate this service.
  3. You are solely responsible for the accuracy of the data that you provide us and we upload to your page. You accept that the data of your company are correct and you must inform us immediately if there is any change in this data. We do not check the accuracy of this data.
  4. You are solely responsible for the the announcements you make through your page. We do not check the announcements.
  5. We reserve the right to delete your page and/or the banner at anytime without prior notice and we may refuse to upload material that we don't think matches the site's style or purpose. Only companies related to cars and bikes are allowed for the time being.
  6. You are allowed to use this page's URL as your official company URL.
  7. In case we demand a payment for this service, you may delete your ad, and you don't owe us anything up to that time.
  8. By activating this service, you automatically accept all of the above.
  9. These Terms and Conditions were last updated on: 28 Aug 2012

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